Be Bright Be Brave

Handmade by Brave People for Bright People

The aim of Be Bright Be Brave is to share with the wonderful British people the incredible design and quality of handmade Ukrainian footwear.

In addition to introducing bright British people to the high quality of Ukrainian products, we want to support our economy and community. All of our footwear is designed and handmade in Ukraine by skilled craftspeople. We also donate 25% of net profit or 1% of net sales (whichever is higher) to Okhmatdyt, the main children’s hospital located in Kyiv.

You can imagine that importing shoes from Ukraine is not easy at the moment! But those challenges are nothing compared to the bravery of our suppliers and partners who kept working in Kyiv - organizing the supply chain process, securing raw materials and manufacturing shoes, all this despite air raids and power cuts (even handmade shoes require some machinery).

We hope you’ll love our shoes!