PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy that comes to you. / 07813 919 661

PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy exclusively provides home or office based physiotherapy, treating you at your convenience, and adapting rehabilitation to you, your environment and your own unique needs.

Based on Walton-on-Thames, we cover approximately a 15mile radius around Walton, from Windsor to Richmond, Kingston to Epsom and Leatherhead to Woking and everywhere within. We are open 7 days a week and have both early and late appointments available. Our goal is to fit in with you.

PhysioT Mobile Physiotherapy takes a 360 degree approach to the treatment and prevention of injury, disease and disability, taking a “whole person approach” that includes fully assessing the environmental factors that surround you in your everyday life that may also be contributing to injury or slow down recovery.

Treating you in your own environment can bring many advantages to help facilitate your recovery.


Many of us lead busy lives “on the go” with a never ending To Do list. Finding the elusive 60-90 minutes to get to a physio clinic can be challenging. Instead, let the Physio come to you…


Some injuries just make it difficult or inconvenient to travel. Broken bones, lower limb muscular strains, post operation, back injuries amongst the most common. And then, driving, parking, public transportation, organising lifts – All this can be overcome by letting the Physio come to you…


For certain age groups, it is almost “essential” to treat in their own environment. Seeing how a baby or young child moves, plays and operations is a far more precise “real world” indication of what is really happening, vs taking them to a foreign environment. Additionally, with Elderly patients making them comfortable in their own space, being with them and showing them the first few times how to integrate their exercises into their lives can make a tremendous difference to a successful outcome.

PHYSIOT MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY has extensive experience in treating a broad range of injury conditions that affect the whole body, with what often appears to be a single or simple injury having much more complex connections originating from somewhere else in the body.

PhysioT uses a broad range of tried and tested techniques, together with the latest thinking to fully assess and diagnose both your injury and the underlying cause, and then build a specific treatment plan to your individual needs.

This can often be done most effectively in your own environment, and one of the reasons why we like to come to you – the often unspoken and unseen factors can yield insightful understanding into the cause of injury.

About Me

Cecile qualified in 1999 in Physiotherapy and Massage from St Maurice, one of the top physiotherapy training institutions in France. She has since worked in France and England in both the Public and Private sectors.

Cecile has worked across a number of different areas of physiotherapy. She has extensive experience in sports injury, having previously worked for a semi professional rugby club in Paris, and also for NEC Harlequins youth development physiotherapy team and as well assisting with elite runners at the London Marathon and working with the “Handicapped Persons Tour de France”.

As a Physiotherapist in Walton on Thames Over the last 15 years, Cecile has invested significant time in working with small babies and young children, focused on overcoming respiratory and development conditions, and more recently has developed significant experience in occupational and lifestyle physiotherapy through working with corporate organisations such as Unilever and BP.

Cecile has a particular passion for physiotherapy “in the patient’s own environment”, believing that tailored treatment can really help with recovery, whether it be really identifying the root and often “unspoken” causes of injury, or simply ensuring that treatment adapted to the home or office has the greatest chance of success by being a part of your life, rather than “something you just have to do”.

Her interests include walking, gardening, rugby and spending time in France and travelling to fields further afar… Cecile is married and has 2 young children. / 07813 919 661